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JACK TUTE . Chief Judge
201 SE 6th Street Fort Lauderdale, 33301

Dear Judge Tute,
There is a situation that runs from Broward County, Florida to Grand Forks, Minn. This issue has now gone on for far too long, in fact over 9 years. Its time to put this issue to right and finally end it. I am not an attorney, just a researcher and a victim in many situations over the last 9 years, why because I choose to befriend and research with a person in Grand Forks, Minn. If you will bare with me on this and take time to read, I think you will end up with the same frame of mind, also there is a smart drive attached, with all of the PDF and Doc files listed as Attachments.
The story of Haleigh and the Crazy’s.
The Gig:
HaLeigh Cummings was born on August 17, 2003, a child created by two young parents who were both deeply involved with drugs, and other people. Two years after her birth a baby boy came about. Unless you’re familiar with how children react, being the only two sober people in a home, and suffering child abuse dealt by selfish druggie parents, you might well not comprehend. Haleigh was also being sexually abused, the choices of who was molesting her were never confirmed, but suspicion of her Mother’s Boy friend’s older brother who she had to contend with on visitations at her Mothers residence, and quite possible her own father.
Haleigh was known to be an odd child by people in the community, she also was so comfortable with sexual activity that it was known for her to be sexually active with other children at will. In the doctor’s office, in kindergarden. Quotes from family members were that she had to be watched carefully around other children, and that her grandmother had observed her acting out sexual in the bath. The conclusion is and was, that she was being groomed by an adult.
Now, on many occasions, Haleigh and little Jr. were both tossed back and forth between their father who had legal and physical custody of both children, and their maternal Grandfather and his wife.. Johnny and Connie Sheffield. Many comments led this research to believe that both Johnny and Connie were quite interested in adopting and raising the children. A resolve that would end the child abuse, child molesting and children having to reside in a drug infested home.
In October of 2008 Haleigh attending kindergarden fell and scraped her cheek at school. A report was made and her father notified. The scrape on the cheek seem to bloom into a facial injury leaving the child with bruising on the face and a black eye. A major accusation came out that the injury to the face was caused by her father hitting her so hard she hit the floor, open handed. This news came out of a prior girl friend who claimed to witness the injury. A series of photos were taken at that point by Connie Sheffield, who in her professional life was a nurse. This is also very important and relevant. That during the session of photos, were those taken of the child’s little private area showing signs of sexual molesting. Who better to take these photos and to know how important the photos would be to law enforcement.
A report was compiled and complaint against Ronald Cummings in Nov or Dec of 2008 with Child Services, to remove Ron’s legal and physical custody of the children. This I do believe is where the intent of allowing Johnny and Connie Sheffield the access to take and raise the children. Oddly enough, there couldn’t have been much of an investigation, since the man who was responsible to do so, lived in the same trailer park but failed to obtain a fraction of information that distant researchers obtained of the abuse the children were undergoing . And the reality that the father, his mother, and grandmother were all involved in drugs.
The Grandmother was addicted to morphine, Ron’s mother was addicted to pain medication, Ron took whatever he could obtain, morphine, pain meds, pot plus a very violent temper. Then of course the children’s mother Crystal, was taking anything she could obtain listed as drugs. To the point that when her infant daughter was born earlier in 2008, the child was born addicted the drugs her Mother was consuming. That child was immediately put in the custody of Crystals Mother Marie..
But social services failed there also, since the child was with her mother unless a noted visit by social services to the home of Marie would appear to be the childs home. So, Social Services, Child Services were failing all of these children. The determination came down that in the best interest of the children in Putnam, they should remain in the custody of their father, with a severe warning against the Mother and Grandmother, Chrystal and Marie Griffis. That if they filed another complaint that action would be taken against them. Therefore the children remained in the same environment undergoing the same abuses.
Now this is the point.. You must ask yourself, what would you do if the intent was to save these two little ones?
By mid January 2009, the case against Ronald Cummings by dept of childrens services was completed. And Ronald was starting a new job, he and the children were settled in a double wide, along with Ronald’s new 16 year old girl friend that was left with the responsibility of taking care of the children. Haleigh was attending kindergarden in San Mateo, Florida traveling back and forth by school bus.
But, problems were not far off, since Haleigh was acting out sexually in School and there was so many absences for the child, which of course if you remember the law, it’s a red flag showing something is seriously wrong with this situation. Research obtained info that during that period of time, when Ronald would arrive home anywhere from midnight to 3 in the morning, he would find no one at home with the children, Misty would be out with her friends.. Thus Ronald would go out leaving the children alone, to attempt to locate her..
Crystal also chose this time element to decide she wanted to return to Ronald and the childen so they could be a family again. Ronald was quite taken with the idea, discussed it with his Mother who also agreed it would be a good thing, and his Mother even offered to help pay the child support that crystals new babys father chad would have to pay.. These issue were discussed and it appeared that Crystal and Ron would be reuniting, but Ronald still had Misty Croslin living in his residence.
On Wed night, the 5th of February 2009, Ronald returned home about 3 in the morning found Misty was not with the children, he called her father asking if hank croslin had seen her, he advised he had not, and ron went out to find Misty.. He did and they returned to the residence. The next day on the 6th, Misty allegedly got into ronalds phone while he was sleeping and found the messages from Crystal, after reading the text and determining she was on her way out.. she decided to us a copy of her sister in laws ultra sound of their new baby before it was born, and she chose to use that ultra sound image to try to convince Ronald that she was pregnant.
Once Ronald was awake the fight was on, the accusations, the attempts to convince him of the pregnancy, both verbal and physical altercation occurred and Ronald threw her out of the house.. This is important to note.. when he threw her out, she had the clothes on her back. All of her clothing he would take during the late hours of Friday the 7th of February and throw them on the lawn of Misty’s friend naynays mother’s residence. After throwing Misty’s out, Ron called his Mother told her that Misty was out of the house and ask her to come to Putnam from Lake county and help with the children.. Teresa neves started for Putnam.. She watched the children on Thursday night and then on Friday there are many different stories..
The children and who they spent the weekend with is the question. Ronald claimed it was his weekend to have the kids, yet his late night ventures would or should have given him problems, if he were leaving the children in the home alone unsupervised.
The tale of woe begins in March 2009 in Satsuma, florida. The case of the missing child Haleigh Cummings. The initial people involved in this case, were of course the family members – both sides, the maternal sides who brought in the following group. Wayanne Kruger, a sexually abused child advocate. She brought in an old friend from California, Richard Grund. He brought in two other old friends from California, William “Cobra”Staubs, and Art Harris. These 4 people knew each other from the OJ Simpson trial days. Wayanne is very tight with Glory Allred. So, you have these involved in a missing child case, and Staubs who is old friends with an Attorney and her husband, 1. He sold a house to them in late 90’s and 2. His wife used the Attorney to divorce Staubs, with this Attorney involved, it turns into a media circus in Putnam County and does more to confuse and interfere with the case than assist in solving it. The internet steps into the case through blogs and investigative forums.. which this Attorney is quite familiar with since she was involved online during the Caylee Anthony case which of course, invoved.. Staubs, Wayanne Kruger and Richard Grund.. Where was art harris, involved in reporting the case, also involved in the Bahamas situation with the Beauty Queen who overdosed.. He was certainly sued over that one. Of course we are all aware of how that case ended.. A media circus..
So, you have this crew with the exception of Richard Grund, he remained in Orlando but was available by phone for conference calls and consultations.. The other issue was the Attorney and her husband were involved in a company that was suppose to be creating Bio-Fuels.. In fact the name was “ALTERNATIVE BIOFUEL TECHNOLOGIES, INC”, they were partners with 3 other sets of people, 1, John and Maria Burgun, 2. Mort Ginsberg, 3. Frederick Schweitzer. Now the attorney that Mike Picazio chose to complete the corporation papers, was Scott W. Rothstein, a close friend of Mike’s.. his payment would be in stocks in the company. Referred to as “ABT”. Mike Picazio, we might tell you at this point, is a felon who was Charged and convicted by the FBI around 1995 for involvement in interstate thief of Boats.. And currently charged and going through Trial for 3rd degree Felony.. Bad checks.
The answer to a question you will have is, did the FBI check out ABT after Rothstein was arrested, Yes, it was.. and a disbute began over the Burguns opening talking to the Federal Marshalls rather than just let Mike Picazio talk to them.
Back to the mess. 1. Mike Picazio was originally listed as the President for ABT, until he was caught taking money from the business account, 5,000.00. He pulled that when the Burguns were out of town.. So, John Burgun immediately took over the Presidency of the company.. Fred Schweitzer and Mort Ginsberg were money supporters, and also Fred owned original Stock , and had it placed in the possession of an attorney.
So, at this point the Picazio could invision great wealth in the business venture, while the Attorney Kim Picazio the wife went to Putnam County. She was originally suggested to be hired by Staubs to the missing child’s Mother, as a Media Attorney. And it went like this on the phone.. Call from Picazio to Crystal Sheffield, Hi, I’m Kim Picazio, if you want me as your attorney, you have to ask me to be your attorney. Yes, it was solicited, and yes it was pro bono, because the baby Momma was destitute, unemployed, involved heavily in drugs. So the crew headed north for Putnam. It included, Staubs, picazio, Donna Wagner – a donations even co-coordinator aka close friend of picazio, an employee of Mike Picazio Jackie Green, Don Knopp who was kim picazios brother in law, and in person on many occasions and online and phone, Art Harris. Now as per the media Attorney.. that lasted for 5 minutes and became an Attorney to seek Custody of 3 year old son, Ronald Cummings Jr. And the Circus began.
1. They need lots of media attention, so all the networks were contacted and had their share of interviews.
2. TV appearances on Shows such as Nancy Grace for family members and the attorney.
3. Radio shows were drawn in and everyone involved. Including home radio on the internet.
4. Reporters were need to write stories for the media, and place them on the internet or magazines.
In 2008-2009 if your involved in a get rich quick scheme call bio fuels rage, and you need a reporter who can write the articles in magazines you pick up on bio fuels.. You had Timothy Holmseth. Now if your going to find a way to contact this guy, you search him out on the internet.. The best way to find contact info when the search data comes up, probably was through youtube, where Tim had videos of his playing the guitar and singing his songs he wrote.. Well Staubs found him and was so impressed with Tims music, and tim got to tell him about being a writer, a reporter and that he wrote articles on Bio Fuels.. oh my. Next Tim is emailing the Attorney for the case, Kim Picazio.. At that point Tim was drawn in and part of the circus.

The crew who went to Putnam all stayed in two motel rooms, sharing beds. Don Knopp would sleep in the same bed with Jerri Green, no intimacy was involved just close quarters.. in the other bed would be kim Picazio and her new much younger boyfriend, that she managed to take away from the missing child’s mother.. Tim was involved in writing emails, he, picazio, staubs, harris all writing each other back and forth and the email war began. Staubs would relay info to Tim involving what the others were doing, fake searchers began to obtain evidence to go against the father and his girl friend who had legal custody of the missing daughter and the son who was living with his father. Final blow up on the emails occurred, everyone sent the others a stop emailing me email.. crazy info coming out of those.. From the point the crew arrive in Putnam in middle March until the first of May.. all of this crazy stuff occurred. All of it.. Wayanne Kruger arrived in Putnam in mid March, she and the attorney picazio were much like oil and water, and it blew up, Kruger always takes medication for one deadly affliction to another.. Always with serious health issue, so you put medication in a hotel room that a druggie has access to aka Crystal Sheffield, you have medication disappearing.. You have a fake school attendance report show up, and then you hear how an attorney has purchased an expensive printer that can be used to print prescriptions and other things.. In fact the prescription could be filled at walmart to replace the missing meds. Now oddly enough the information that Wayanne came back with involved stories of the missing child having been sexually abused, by whom no one really knew, but photos were taken of the child’s private area to prove she was molested. Who took the photos, it is believed they were taken by Step Grandmother Connie Sheffield, who is a nurse. Now, who all had access to these photos.. The entire crew given out on disc, the bio mom’s family. Wayanne was with the crew for about a week, did a photo shoot with the family for the media, and then claims that she was dragged out of her room deathly ill, put in a vehicle taken to Jacksonville, and put on a plane for California by one John Regan and Cobra Staubs.
Meanwhile back at the fort, they are setting up a website for the missing child, called Haleighbug.com, the photo on the page was crystal Sheffield holding the two children on a sofa, her arms around them. The website also had a link to give donations.. and a link to chat.. They also opened a center called the Haleighbug Center, filled with photos of the missing child and memorabilia. People could drop in to visit and look talk to the bio Mom and leave donations.. Oh the donations. Even a foundation was established for the Haleighbug Center, initially the attorney Kim Picazio was president, later Maria Griffis would be named. The bio Dad’s family was seriously in the picture, and discovered that the photo on the website was photoshopped.. Paper work was being sent out by internet and crews being formed to send letters to members of the child services to promote enough of a group demanding that the bio dad be investigated for child abuse and that custody of the remaining child and grandfather the missing childs custody to the bio mom, by Kim Picazio the attorney for Crystal Sheffield.. The bio dads family contacted Tim and ask him to write an article on the photoshopped photo of Crystal Sheffield. This would link all of the group together along with the bio mom in a fraud on the internet to obtain donations.. War was on, and later the story confirmation would come out from a conversation between Mike Picazio and Maria Burgun, Mike admitted that he and Donna Wagner had photoshopped the photo, forgot to replace the hairy arms around the children. Upon learning of the fraud, the company that had put up the site on the internet, pulled it off immediately. Donations were pour in, to the Bio Maternal Grandmother Maria Griffis, to the Bio Mom Crystal Sheffield, to the Bio Paternal Grandmother Teresa Neves, and letters and cards were being delivered to the Attorneys office in Ft. Lauderdale in bags, by the Post Office. Well, the hate war with Kim Picazio and Timothy Holmseth began. What Tim didn’t know, were the police reports being called in on him from Florida, His prior employers were being contacted, police were being told he had weapons and was insane and highly dangerous.. Who was doing this and details would be revealed much later.. Art Harris was making calls to the employer, a woman who worked for the court system in Gainesville, lived in Putnam, close friend of Kim Picazio Sue Curry, filing reports along with Picazio, Cobra Staubs called in the weapons, which ended up in the police hitting the home, and finding his 22 rifle on his closet shelf that he had since he was 13. The insanity issue came from his ex girlfriend, she and tim had been in a custody battle over their son for 4 years, its all online.. And this same woman had made contact with Kim Picazio during the same time period that Tim wrote article for his website about the fraud with the photoshop.. They had to stop tim, and who better to assist the Tim’s ex girlfriend destroy tim.. Kim Picazio. Tim was writing articles about the missing child, and the any issue reported to him about the crews misdeeds. Needless to say, it did not stop phone conversations between Staubs and Tim, or both Kim and Mike Picazio and Tim, Jeremiah Regan and Tim. And all were legally recorded conversations.. That’s right all on tape.
Mid March just as the crew is working on what they call the Haleighbug Center, crew member, intimate friend to both bio mom and Attorney Picazio, was was working at the center, painting and cleaning.. A man dropped by and advised he had extra desk and office things he was willing to donate, and invited Jeremiah Regan to accompany him to his residence to see the items and then make a decision is they wanted them. So Jeremiah drove behind the man to his residence down near the river, outside of Satsuma. Jeremiah checked out the desk and other items and then while standing in the yard he observed the mans Ankle bracelet.. the big black bracelets Putnam County Sheriff Dept. required this man to wear, telling the man he had no use for any of his items. Why was he wearing it. He had been charged with Child Molesting. No one in that crew but Cobra will tell you the truth, that this decision to arrest this man Snodgrass was agreed upon in a café in Palatka by the entire crew. Art Harris video taped the incidence that was his job, he conveniently lost the video in an airport he claimed.

“http://www.jacksonville.com/2016-03-11/stub-415 -- The bounty hunter drove to Snodgrass’ Satsuma home about noon, turned on a siren and called for the man using a loudspeaker, according to a Putnam County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.
The report said the bondsman threw Snodgrass to the ground, put his knee in his back and handcuffed him. Two deputies watched as Snodgrass was forced into a sport utility vehicle, the report said. He was driven around for about an hour and interrogated.
He was dropped off back at home, and his kidnapper became far friendlier, asking for a hug and offering to “help him for free if he ever got into future trouble,” according to the arrest report.
Snodgrass was charged with capital sexual battery in December 2007. He is accused of sexually abusing a 9-year-old girl after tying her to a bed and taking pictures of the child and her 16-year-old sister dressed in lingerie.
He had been released from jail on bond, but Staubs did not represent the bonding agency. A Sheriff’s Office news release said the owner of C.E. Parish General Agency Inc. in Bushnell, the bonding agency responsible for Snodgrass, told Staubs the bond wasn’t to be revoked.
Staubs is an associate of Kim Picazio, a South Florida attorney representing Crystal Sheffield. Sheffield’s daughter, 5-year-old Haleigh, has been missing since Feb. 10 when she vanished from her Satsuma home.
Staubs was taken to the Putnam County jail. Bail was set at $5,000. “
Needless to say, Staubs claimed that Picazio promoted his arrest. And of course Tim Holmseth was backing Cobra and his story completely. Now to justify this arrest they claim the may had gone to the center a number of times and was stalking the center. The man went to the center one time. Next, we had Jeremiah’s father John Regan, telling tales of being an undercover FBI agent having worked with Pedophiles.. He also attended the fake searches. He passed away in December of 2012.

By Late April the case was silent, commotion was only heard from the crew. Tim’s life was beginning to silently unravel in Grand Forks and he had no idea what they were doing.
I’m going to copy the story into this letter.. and then reflect the articles mentioned in sequence.
“The story begins on April 26, 200
Nothing was clear at the time, it took months and in some parts years to put together.
This is how the story goes.. On Sunday April 26, 2009 we found that Crystal and Sarah were both in Satsuma, the day began where they took a short hop down to Daytona beach and
at the time had Junior cummings with them and the child was ill.
He was returned to his dad that evening at 6:00pm. Crystal and Sarah still had baby chloe with them, who legally was not suppose to be alone with her Mother without her grandmothers presence since Crystal was a known druggie and since birth Chloe had been in Marie Griffis custody, she was about 8 or 9 months old at the time.The sisters crystal and sarah had chosen to spend the night at the Haleighbug Center.
Now there was a sofa in the center but no beds or sleeping areas, and after dark we can only say the sisters were hanging out.. Now in chapter 37 of Tims book you find that sarah had observed a prowler that evening, and in the midst, her sister crystal received an injury. Now the stories that were told by both the attorney and the private investigator bounty hunter looked good, but both were a delusion of grandeur. For neither one present nor listed on the police report that took a year and a half to find.
How do we know this.. Well October of 2010 Tim received the police report which magically appeared after his request for it some year and a half later.. the only conclusion, was that it was filed where it was not suppose to be, or it was hidden.
Several months after that unfit night, I was contacted by a woman who lived in Georgia, her husband was or is active military, and she had a story to tell.. Why would I believe this woman, well she was a prior child services worked from Mississippi.. child of a minister who raised his daughters all four in Africa where he was a missionary. So, finding Teresa and listening to her, I had no doubt nor do I today that she was being totally honest. She told me about over hearing an older woman in a good will store in Augusta, ga and the woman telling the story of her going to acquire a small girl to take care of that was coming from a home where the parents were separated and drug involved, and that later on she would acquire the young boy, the brother who was left in the environment.. And she relayed a story of seeing the missing girl in SC in transport while she and her husband were at a convienence store.. And the dates she gave were Feb 10th 2009 and April 26, 2009. Feb was the date that Haleigh Cummings disappeared, and the April date was the sighting of Haleigh Cummings. Yes, they had reported both incidences to the Putnam county Sheriff's office in florida. I ask her if she and her husband would create an afidavit with all of the information, and the people involved in the story if she could describe them, and I sent her a load of photos of people from putnam county and involved with the cummings and sheffield families. When they had finished the affidavit and had approval from the Army to dispatch the affidavit to me signed and notorized, I sent a copy to Mark NeJames attorney in Orlando involved in the case, one to the Sheriff's dept, one to the fbi office in Jacksonville, and one to the Florida state police. I did not keep one, nor did I post anything online.
A month later a copy of the affidavit showed up on line on Holmseths website, and it was the copy that had been sent to NeJames, he had returned it to people involved with the cummings family and the woman had sent it to Tim. From the moment the posting on line, the war with picazio began. She made comments on line, on radio programs that I and Tim were accusing her and Jeremiah Regan of kidnaping Haleigh Cummings, that she had been interviewed by the fbi and the police for her involvement. I couldn't figure out where she got that information from, she was never accused.. her boyfriend at the time Jeremiah regan had been identified as the man with Haleigh Cummings in Sc on April 26, 2009. But not picazio.
The fake accounts began in feb 2011.. by the time they started to resolve there must have been over 50 with different names, all in absolute hate with tim holmseth, Cobra Staubs, myself, don knopps.
When the police report appeared in 2010 the story began to fill in, along with the report came the transport records for crystal to the local clinic.. Nothing that had been told before about that night made sense, but other conversations began to fill in the gaps.
We had a story told about picazio dropping her boyfriend off at the haleighbug center one night when crystal was there, she had to travel on to ft lauderdale to her home and husband, but she was calling cobra staubs at the motel telling him he needed to run down to the Haleighbug center in satsuma and see if crystal and jeremiah were having sex, Cobra said well if they are and have the door locked what am I suppose to do, picazio told him to kick the fucking door in.
Next story that popped up was when Matthew, cobra staubs son had to drive the picazio vehicle from putnam county back to ft. lauderdale, Matthew had been staying with his dad in putnam. And the transport back to ft. lauderdale was the Friday, May 1, 2009. Saturday May 2, 2009 the second 7 hour meeting between the picazios and Cobra Staubs to determine why he wanted out of the situation in Putnam. His girlfriend Paul Andrews drove the picazio vehicle from her house to their house following cobra.
As of Monday the 27th of April, the Haleighbug center was closed in putnam and never reopened.
As of July 2009 kim picazio was fired by Crystal Sheffield, and a bar complaint filed a few months later in October.
By 2014 working with Maria Burgun who lives in ft. Lauderdale area with her husband John, they had been close friends with the picazios, loaned huge sums of money to the husband mike, quite possible their money was used in Putnam county for the search.. they were in the midst of a lawsuit to gain money back from mike picazio.. Since the Burguns had owned and operated a business with mike picazio, it was not unusual for them to be back and forth in the varying business structures.. Maria told me the story of her going over to mikes office in 2009 early summer and saw what she claimed a white car in the garage area, she ask Mike.. whats that car doing in there.. This is the story that Mike revealed to her..
Well he said, my wifes grandmother had rented the car and it was damaged so I have it hidden there so the rental company can't find it.
Now the last big of data that arose, was a small little woman who lives in South Carolina, just a few miles outside of Augusta, Georgia in fact a pretty straight shot from the good will store in augusta to this ladies little house. In fact it actually was on the pathway o knoxville, Tenn, how did I find this lady, well she showed up on her daughters facebook account, she is Haleigh Cummings Great Grandmother.. and fit the description in the good will store to a tee. So lets put this story together.
Seems that kim picazio and Jeremiah were looking for a house to rent said she, on Sunday the 26th of April, 2009.. but they were up and gone by 8am, seems cobra had issues with the crowd that gathered early that morning in Palatka so he didn't want to join them.. Where did kim and jeremiah go.. no one seems to know.
Now, the question is.. was she with Jeremiah Regan that Sunday traveling to South carolina to pick up Haleigh Cummings, the description in the affidavit does fit her, and Jeremiah was picked out without doubt, he was also identified by a truck driver in Knoxville, Tenn having Haleigh Cummings with him at a truck stop and then a second set of people identified him on a second day having her with him at another restaurant. Same idenity for both days. This was in February 10th -12th. Oddly enough Jeremiah returned last year from his lengthy stay in Purto Rico.. Now the files to go through, that will lead you to forming your own opinion “.
Attachment 1. Chapter37.pdf
This is a chapter from Tim’s book titled “Re Haleigh Cummings” involves the incidence at the Haleigh bug center involving Kim Picazio and Cobra Staub. The police Report reputes both of their stories.. Found in attachment 2.
Attachment 2. 2009-3714.pdf
Police reports.
Attachment 3. info on transport.pdf
Transport records from EMS on Crystal Sheffield to clinic note injury to face. April 26 -27, 2009
Attachment 4. Event#200911700
EMS report explaining the injuries of Crystal Sheffield from April 26 -27, 2009
Attachment 5. Teresa Knight, Affidavit sent to NeJamesAttorney.doc
Sighting of Haleigh Cummins in a vehicle with a woman with long reddish blonde hair and Jeremiah Regan.
Attachment 6. Pdreports.pdf
The police report based on staubs advising Haleigh could be returned from Georgia.
Attachment 7. littleredhouse.pdf
The house was suppose to have been rented on April 29th by Cobra Saubs in the name of Donald Knopp, who was in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at that time with Mike Picazio.- Don’s leaving the crew and not returning upon the will of picazio, his wife ginger filed for divorce in August of 2009, with kim picazio her sister as her Attorney. This lease was deemed for 6 months.”
Now this incidence promoted a number of phone calls between the picazios and holmseth.. Jeremiah Regan was calling and threating.. Cobra was calling and giving information.. this incidence at the Haleighbug would end the relationship between the attorney and client Crystal Sheffield. She was literally removed and kept in Baker County, Florida and the Haleighbug center closed, permanently. And Tim was not buying the stories they were pushing, and he was talking to many people. Gathering a great deal of evidence and Research. Cobra Staubs fought with Crystals sister Sarah and told her they should Take Haleigh down to McDonalds and turn her over. He also went to the Croslins and advised that if Misty would tell the truth and tell her story, that Haleigh could be returned from Georgia. The croslins called the police and filed a report.. Attachment 6.
By July picazio was fired from her pro bono gig, that’s the title Staubs gave it, he said that’s the best damn gig we ever had.
I received the affidavit from the Knights in August, sent them out to FDLE, FBI, Sheriff’s Office and to Mark NeJames, an attorney in Orlando working with the bio dads family.
Then I started receiving hate info, called out on Radio for putting out such a horrific thing.. How dare I accuse this Nationally known, award winning attorney of kidnapping a child.. Now, if you can find that I did that in that affidavit, please show me where!! She ranted and raved and the calls went to Timmy, oh yes, vulgar, threatening prank calls, even a guy claiming he was from the Mafia..
By October of 2009 Crystal Sheffield filed a bar complaint against Picazio, the bar found in Picazios favor.
Attachment 7. Complaint and 3 replies, and in time we would find the affidavit signed by cobra staubs was a lie. He lied for her.
Then she went crazy when the Sheriff’s investigator and the FBI questioned her about her whereabouts and how to reach Jeremiah, he had suddenly gone mia on law enforcement.. So the hate got worse and the attacks began.
Attachment: 8 Attorney kim Picazio was on the Radio.net / forum attacking people.


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